Panari Hotel & Ruben Centre - Joining Hands

Ruben Centre is a faith based organization, registered as a community based organization striving for an empowered, just and sustainable Mukuru community. It is a multifaceted centre with three key departments: Health: where there two clinics; a general health clinic and Lea Toto clinic – a comprehensive care unit for children affected or infected with HIV/AIDS, Education department; this comprises of a primary school with over 2000 children and Human Development and Skills Training program consisting of tailoring and sewing program and computer training and finally we have community development program which involves a microfinance, social work and child labour outreach program.

Ruben Centre is a non-profit making organization located in Mukuru Kwa Ruben slum. The entire Mukuru slum is estimated to have a population of about 216,000 people according to the 2009 census report. The area is characterized by extreme poverty with majority surviving with less than a dollar a day, disease, poor drainage and sanitation, crime, poor health services, high unemployment, domestic violence, illiteracy and insecurity among many other social vices. Ruben centre has contributed a great deal towards improving some of these conditions and offers an oasis of hope to all demographics represented in the community.

The Panari Hotel is in a social responsibility journey dubbed ‘Feed a child Program’ we plant seeds into the less fortunate children, with hopes that one day these seeds will grow and flourish into beautiful trees. In March 2014, volunteers drawn from The Panari Hotel, Panari residence, Mavji and friends of Panari family assisted over 150 children from Reuben Centre to brainstorm on ideas of creating fashion items out of recycled material. The children were taught the importance of recycling, and thought through what they can use around them to create some useful items. Some samples of these fashion items were created at The Panari Hotel; the bulk of the work was done as ‘’take home’’ and later completed at Ruben Centre.

Funds raised will go towards

  • Buying new school uniforms for 50 of the neediest children. Uniforms are made at the Centre by the vocational Training Program.
  • Assisting the Centre’s child minding facility. This newly created space offers baby and small children affordable, clean and stimulating day care. This is much needed as the mothers are then able to look for work knowing their children are safe and cared for.
  • Helping fund the programs being run from the new kitchen. Food is needed to train mothers for better food preparation and healthier diets to reduce malnutrition.
  • Training girls of Grade 7+8 in home economic skills for their lives beyond school.
  • Training mothers of children rescued under our free children for child labour program.
  • Giving them some income generating ideas and skills, to prevent them using their children for income generating.

We hope you can join us, in making a difference, help us create better tomorrow, help us inspire and create awareness in others, help us unite as one.